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Our Practice

Carmichael Optical, a family owned and operated eye center, has been providing full service eye care for over 40 years. Provide us with a current spectacle or contact lens prescription or receive a prompt referral to an optometrist or ophthalmologist in our network.

Shop for a fresh point of view in our showroom of over 2,000 eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Contact lens fittings are completed on the premises and ordered for prompt delivery. Spectacle lenses are processed in our office lab to ensure accuracy with state-of-the-art technologies.


Our office includes a contact lens diagnostic facility, a lens fabricating laboratory, reception area and a 2,000 frame and sunglass showroom.

Our Staff


Our Staff: Christine Vu, Long Vu

Mission Statement

Carmichael Optical is committed to honesty and integrity
and strives to create lifelong relationships with its clients, employees
and the community in which it operates.

Carmichael Optical's objective is to provide the highest standard
of service, product craftsmanship, expert cosmetic and functional styling,
and display an extensive selection of eyewear for our clients.